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Cycling day 9: Approaching the Atlantic Coast

Now I’m sitting in a cool restaurant next to the beach enjoying a Wok and a Bordeaux vine…after having a swim in the pool of the campingsite – what could you expect more ?

Today was just a 75 km ride but I’ve started it at about half past eleven – as I had to find a market who sells my kind of gas cookers…that’s one of the key questions, believe me…

But as you know there is the Velo City 2015 in Nantes – so you can find all kind of bikes.


But I couldn’t leave the city without saying goodbye to the machines…


If you leave Nantes you have to cross the river Loire by time…it’s just a short trip by ferry…dedicated to Daniela.

Now your follow the last kilometers of the EuroVelo 6 to St. Brevin-les-pins and there you’re at the final point of so many journeys…


So now you can choose from some campingsites and enjoy the atlantic sea – finally after about 720 km starting in Paris.
Tomorrow I’ll start the next part to Arcachon and looking forward to meet there Detlef who is responsible for the Facebook site for the Dune du Pilat.

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Part two: Cruising along the Atlantic Sea – St. Nazaire to Arcachon

Finally after some problems to download my tracks to the GPS now here comes part two of my journey starting in several days…

First I’ll have a look at my beloved St. Brevin-les-pins where I’ve been already some times starting my cycling trips. The first impressions of the coast and what I’m looking forward – the best bread and ice cream I’ve had on my 19.000 km I’ve been cycling now… The old harbour of Pornic.

Next stop is the Ile d’Noirmoutier with it’s tricky ‘Passage du Gois’ – crossing a 4 km long road to the island – but only by bike when there is low tide 😉

Up now we’ve got the famous beach of Le Sables-d’Olonne where there is a nice camping at the end of the town.

A highlight of this area is of course La Rochelle with it’s old harbour and Marine Museum. Here I’d like to stay the second rest-day, if possible with Couchsurfing or Warmshowers friends.

Going on travelling along the EuroVelo 1 down the south here comes  Rochefort and after the outstanding beach Andrew described on his blog cyclingeurope.org I’ll reach the ferry in Royan to follow an old pilgrims route, the EuroVelo 3 wich comes from Tours crossing the country.

Next Highlight after about 200 km will be the Bassin of Arcachon with it’s famous (but for an vegetarian uninteresting) seafood and shells.

 And here we’ve got the route…