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Cycling day 7: Saumur to Montjean-sur-Loire

Well, this morning I was more than happy about my special breakfast place…After having packed my tent together it started raining…


So I left Saumur and cycled the first hours without sunblocker but around midday I was happy to use it again…I had enough rain last year on my way from Berlin to Copenhagen.

So on my way I met a guy from Montreal on a 3000 km trip through Europe – keep on rolling !


In the end I went again for camping…I must say I’m.getting used to it, some cooking in the evening and before that some swimming in the pool.

Life can be so easy…that’s all what you have to think about…where to cycle, what to eat and where to sleep.
I’m really looking forward to the atlantic sea…


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Cycling day 6: From Tours to Saumur

As I had yesterday evening some wine with a german couple next to my tent…here is the post a little bit later. Starting my day with organic-fairtrade Samba (kind of Nutella but better) I drove to Tours to find a bicycle shop to get a new inner tyre for my trailer. After searching around, asking some pedestrians I found a really cool shop – the people there spoke english and I would be happy to have such at home. image The sun came out and this was a day just cycling and enjoying the countryside – so here come some pics… image image image Finally I’d like to have an ice-cream and went into a small market in a really small town – but there you could also get the now very famous Charlie Hebdo. image The satirical Paper now again on the market after being attacked In the end I came to Saumur where I found a cool camping with pool and rain-proove table. And also the couple mentioned above…great day! image Veröffentlicht mit WordPress für Android