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Cycling day 8: Welcome to Nantes

This morning I’ve allowed myself the comfort of sleeping a little bit longer and had an amazing breakfast with sunshine in my head. So I’ve started off to cycle just about 75 km (the last days were always around 90 km) and enjoyed the sun again. So my first stop was the abbey were you have to climb the hill of the city but than you’ve got an outstanding view. image image image The surrounding of this cathedral was outstanding so I’ve had a look around. image image After cycling some kilometres I found another church in a small town…as I think (as an ‘agnostic’ person) a believers place hasn’t to be always great – it depends on the vibrations you can feel there… image image Than there was lunchtime and as most of the time – a wonderful place popped up… image After entering the big city of Nantes a cool man on his bike accompanied me to the campingsite, which is situated 5 km outside of the town. But there you can find everything you need as a cyclist – washing machine, trees for the hammock, Wi-Fi and a great surrounding. image So tomorrow is my first day off after around 500 km in 6 days and I’ll explore the interesting city of Nantes – looking forward to this. Veröffentlicht mit WordPress für Android