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Cycling day 12: Meeting people around the world

So today I had to leave the comfort zone and entering another…but this was nether the less interesting !
I’ve left La Rochelle towards Rochefort as I was looking forward to see the ‘old’ ship ‘Hermionne’ – but as I could find out its at the moment in the new world.



Afterwards I made a mistake following the EuroVelo 1 which leeds you around a nearby river – but I wanted the use the ‘Trasporteur’ – maybe next time…

But then I met a english couple from Bristol and they are on there way back home via Roscoff – after more than two years.
They’ve seen China, Australia, New Zealand, India and so many other countries you can’t imagine – but now they’re looking forward to get home again.

Cycling in this county is the completely different than doing it in the Vendée.
They are often signposted ‘after’ the important corners, you can cycle along a motorway, Route National or next to a busy road on a big town…compared to the Vendée it was the difference between day and night.
Also the ground was very often not that solid and nice like the days before…
Perhaps the responsible people should take a lesson in the Vendée – or should be send out without map – could end in a disaster…

But than there was at the end of the day a meeting with some Warmshowers friends where I was allowed to stay one night.
It’s a network for cyclists – like Couchsurfing. So I helped in the garden, Benoît showed me the production of Oysters and in the end we ate about half past 10 – and had really good fun sharing our travel stories…

So after cycling 95 km also having seen two beavers running over my cyclepath I had a really funny and interesting day…in 7 days this will be my last cycling day…can’t believe it.

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