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Cycling day 3: Back on track after 5 years

Today was the last day of cycling with Francis and we had a really good time.
Riding along a canal could be a great thing as it’s flat – but the problem is that it could be also very narrow, so if you carrying a trailer it’s like pulling the brakes all the time.

So we decided to split our ways for about 20 km, I went on a nearby road and we met again on the EuroVelo 6 track.


It was a marvellous thing to be back as I’ve been cycling that track 5 years ago in the other direction to Basel in Switzerland.
Those days I was in the beginning of cycling didn’t know how the things run…but it was interesting to find out.

So the original plan was to accompany Francis to the station and say good bye after we had a great ice-cream and some bread.
But suddenly – 7 km before Orléans – there was a strange noise…so the left wheel of the trailer lost air and I had to replace it.


Francis said goodbye for about 3 weeks as I’ll pick up my car in Paris again and
drive home.

I head off to Orleans to look for Emilie, which should be my Couchsurfing host for tonight.
We talked and talked and found out that we are hungry – so set off to find a nice restaurant.
Than we switched to a bar and a girl from Peru who is living here and knows Emilie came to join us. A great evening in a crowded street where the party is going on…great!





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Part One: From Paris to St. Nazaire (EuroVelo 3/6)

Now there are less than two weeks left to go…here we´ve got the first part of my trip in 2015 with 722 km.

The first days I´m going to cycle with a good friend from Paris (nearly) along the “Pilgrim´s route” EuroVelo 3
down to Orléans via Fontainebleu where we will visit the famous Chateau.
After having a stop in Montargis we´ll approach Orléans and Francis will go back by train.

Now I´m on the EuroVelo 6 along the river Loire – but first there will be the Château Chambord
and Château Cheverny on the plan to visit.

Exploring the cities Tours and Saumur I´m going to see also the outstanding Château Chenonceau and
Château Villandry – but after so many cultural sights I´d like to enjoy a little bit of city life in Nantes
where there is the Festival “Velo City 2015 – Nantes” to be watched.

Finally I will reach the atlantic sea after 722 km in St. Brevin-les-pins where I´ve been already several times.


Part One: From Paris to St. Nazaire