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Cycling day 15: Departure from the Dune – Part three of my journey

So this morning we had also no sun for a nice picture of the Dune…but I’ve chatted with my neighbours from Paris – they’re also heading to Hendaye but with a tandem and my trailer.



So I’ve got an extra for the day – a cooked egg what you doesn’t get in France for breakfast.
Than I’ve just cleaned my dishes – and there it started to rain…of course I hadn’t packed everything because of the nice chat I was running back to the tent.
So use the time you’re given and I wrote some postcards.

Riding along the new path was a great pleasure as it leaded me – surprise – through the woods, until now more or less flat.


But than came a point remind me of my trip to the Bretagne – 10 % ascent !
Usually no problem but if you’ve got a trailer with 34 kg (including 3 l of water) then you are happy about a flat way.

Finally I’ve reached the aim of today – Mimizan Plage which is a small touristic place where after 20:00 h nearly everything is closed – but the oceanfront is open !
So I’ve had my first bath in the atlantic sea and it was much warmer than I thought.

At the end of this post I’d like to recommend you the following blog which is about an english couple on a tandem.
They’re in Usbekistan at the moment and the pictures and his writing is fantastic – have a look !
She’s not pedalling on the back

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