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Last evening in Paris

Friday, June, 19th, 2015

After having said a goodbye to Spain accompanied by rain I’ve travelled back all the way to Paris by train.
So cycling back to my friend Francis and his wife I had a last chance of having a short visit of Paris and it was outstanding…





I’ve enjoyed this journey very much as I’ve had a great time to discover a part of France again but this time get to know many people living there or travelling around by using Warmshowers, Couchsurfing or the Youthhostels.

So goodbye from France, Michael

Dune du Pilat on Facebook – a visit to the Dune

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Cycling day 15: Departure from the Dune – Part three of my journey

So this morning we had also no sun for a nice picture of the Dune…but I’ve chatted with my neighbours from Paris – they’re also heading to Hendaye but with a tandem and my trailer.



So I’ve got an extra for the day – a cooked egg what you doesn’t get in France for breakfast.
Than I’ve just cleaned my dishes – and there it started to rain…of course I hadn’t packed everything because of the nice chat I was running back to the tent.
So use the time you’re given and I wrote some postcards.

Riding along the new path was a great pleasure as it leaded me – surprise – through the woods, until now more or less flat.


But than came a point remind me of my trip to the Bretagne – 10 % ascent !
Usually no problem but if you’ve got a trailer with 34 kg (including 3 l of water) then you are happy about a flat way.

Finally I’ve reached the aim of today – Mimizan Plage which is a small touristic place where after 20:00 h nearly everything is closed – but the oceanfront is open !
So I’ve had my first bath in the atlantic sea and it was much warmer than I thought.

At the end of this post I’d like to recommend you the following blog which is about an english couple on a tandem.
They’re in Usbekistan at the moment and the pictures and his writing is fantastic – have a look !
She’s not pedalling on the back

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Cycling day 13-14: From Montalivet to Arcachon

Finally I’ve visited the Dune du Pilat today – as I’ve missed it two years ago.

But let’s start from yesterday…after having a sunny breakfast I’ve been covered by rain and thunder…just half an hour were enough to get everything wet…


I’ve been cycling along the Atlantic without seeing it as you’re riding through the woods…but I’ve knew this already.
Luckily I’ve asked a Warmshowers couple, Sylvie and Bernard, for a night to stay so we had a great chat of travelling after I’ve met her in the woods coincidentally as she has seen my pic on the blog.



And…I’m happy having seen this on my cycling computer…in 6 years I’ve been cycling 19.999 km.

This morning I left Sylvie and headed towards the Reserve Ornithologique which I’ve blogged already.
So I came to the famous Dune du Pilat which is the biggest in Europe.

And there I’ve met Detlef, a german guy who lives here in France more than fifteen years, we had a great chat about living in this country and of course the Dune.




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Part Three: From Arcachon to Hendaye

So we’ve now got the last 250 km to the spanish border wich will take me away from the Dune du Pilat to Hendaye.

Here I’ll have beautiful beaches and also the chance of visiting Biarritz which is famous for its nice Old Town and the surfing opportunities. There is also a youthhostel – called Auberge de Jeunesse – where the best surfers will have their Basecamp…

Finally there is a hotel booked already and a TGV will bring me back to Paris where I’m going to stay a last night in France.

I’m really looking forward to this holiday and may invite you to follow me virtually on this trip.

Perhaps we’ll meet up in France somewhere on a pisté cyclable…you never know…



Part two: Cruising along the Atlantic Sea – St. Nazaire to Arcachon

Finally after some problems to download my tracks to the GPS now here comes part two of my journey starting in several days…

First I’ll have a look at my beloved St. Brevin-les-pins where I’ve been already some times starting my cycling trips. The first impressions of the coast and what I’m looking forward – the best bread and ice cream I’ve had on my 19.000 km I’ve been cycling now… The old harbour of Pornic.

Next stop is the Ile d’Noirmoutier with it’s tricky ‘Passage du Gois’ – crossing a 4 km long road to the island – but only by bike when there is low tide 😉

Up now we’ve got the famous beach of Le Sables-d’Olonne where there is a nice camping at the end of the town.

A highlight of this area is of course La Rochelle with it’s old harbour and Marine Museum. Here I’d like to stay the second rest-day, if possible with Couchsurfing or Warmshowers friends.

Going on travelling along the EuroVelo 1 down the south here comes  Rochefort and after the outstanding beach Andrew described on his blog cyclingeurope.org I’ll reach the ferry in Royan to follow an old pilgrims route, the EuroVelo 3 wich comes from Tours crossing the country.

Next Highlight after about 200 km will be the Bassin of Arcachon with it’s famous (but for an vegetarian uninteresting) seafood and shells.

 And here we’ve got the route…