Cycling day 13-14: From Montalivet to Arcachon

Finally I’ve visited the Dune du Pilat today – as I’ve missed it two years ago.

But let’s start from yesterday…after having a sunny breakfast I’ve been covered by rain and thunder…just half an hour were enough to get everything wet…


I’ve been cycling along the Atlantic without seeing it as you’re riding through the woods…but I’ve knew this already.
Luckily I’ve asked a Warmshowers couple, Sylvie and Bernard, for a night to stay so we had a great chat of travelling after I’ve met her in the woods coincidentally as she has seen my pic on the blog.



And…I’m happy having seen this on my cycling computer…in 6 years I’ve been cycling 19.999 km.

This morning I left Sylvie and headed towards the Reserve Ornithologique which I’ve blogged already.
So I came to the famous Dune du Pilat which is the biggest in Europe.

And there I’ve met Detlef, a german guy who lives here in France more than fifteen years, we had a great chat about living in this country and of course the Dune.




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