Cycling day 11: Running to La Rochelle

Today I just quickly packed my stuff together, had my usual big breakfast (in french thinking, with muesli and banana) and drove to the next shop to buy something for the day.

As I knew I had to cycle about 115 km I thought there would be an option to shorten it – well in the end it where 120 km in 7:17 h…but good training.

I’ve passed some friends and the way was most of the time great – you could go really quick – if there weren’t some strong winds – driving the wrong direction, of course ūüėČ


So in the end I was very happy not to have chosen the campingsite but taken the youthhostel which is great.
I didn’t sleep until midnight checking Couchsurfer and the weather – and it said rain for the next days…

But I was very lucky to arrive in La Rochelle dry and now after having had a great dinner at the hostel I sit on the terrace and enjoy the sundowner…


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