Cycling day 6: From Tours to Saumur

As I had yesterday evening some wine with a german couple next to my tent…here is the post a little bit later. Starting my day with organic-fairtrade Samba (kind of Nutella but better) I drove to Tours to find a bicycle shop to get a new inner tyre for my trailer. After searching around, asking some pedestrians I found a really cool shop – the people there spoke english and I would be happy to have such at home. image The sun came out and this was a day just cycling and enjoying the countryside – so here come some pics… image image image Finally I’d like to have an ice-cream and went into a small market in a really small town – but there you could also get the now very famous Charlie Hebdo. image The satirical Paper now again on the market after being attacked In the end I came to Saumur where I found a cool camping with pool and rain-proove table. And also the couple mentioned above…great day! image Veröffentlicht mit WordPress für Android


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