Cycling day 2: From Fontainebleu to Montargis

I wake up and what did I see – dark clouds and a little bit of rain…yippee !
So Francis and I made up our minds to visit the Castle of Fontainebleu and on this day there started a 3days Festival of historical art – so there were rooms to be visited which you’re normally not allowed to enter – and it wasn’t 16,- € but free…  🙂

And – coincidentally I dropped my old glasses – so we walked along every room, came out and – there was son:-)

Than we were cycling through the woods and countryside – a little but of up and down and finally we found the Canal du Briare which is also the EuroVelo 3!

In the evening we had a wonderful dinner with moroccan vine, Pastis and Beer from the Netherlands – so this was very international 😉






Our Restaurant ‘La Rose des Sables’ in Montargis

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